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EastWest Announce Spaces 2 Available July 23rd!

More reverbs than ever contained in the second installment of the Spaces Reverb Series!     EastWest have announced the eagerly anticipated second installment of the famed Spaces Reverb. More Reverbs and more choice to spoil your tracks with! Containing a range of famous performance venues all over the world, EastWest are dedicated to bringing your compositions to life with … Continue reading

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FL Studio 20 receives Music Tech Choice Award!

The Latest Installment of the famous DAW is making waves in the music industry!         Since it’s release FL Studio has been one of the main flagship DAWs in the music industry, available in a range of editions, each with its own capabilities of music making, FL Studios are the industry’s worst kept secret to creating the … Continue reading

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Top 5 Midi Controllers!

A midi controller is an essential part of any electronic performer or songwriter’s set up. In this guide, explore our top picks of Midi controllers from our range of brands!   1. Ableton Push 2   Price: £599.00 The Ableton Software is one of the most well known electronic composition software on the market today. With a range of effects … Continue reading

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Top 5 Microphones For Vocal Recording!

Everyone always wants to record a good, clean vocal take, however 50% of a good vocal take is the microphone that you use.  Here in this guide, we will help you find your perfect microphone to capture your perfect vocal tracks! 1. Aston Origin Condenser Microphone   Price: £249 Aston Microphones are the latest brand to create waves within the … Continue reading

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Top 5 Overdrive And Distortion Guitar Pedals

Everyone knows overdrive pedals are one of the most common effects in many a guitarists pedal board. In this guide, find our top picks of overdrive pedals from a range of brands!   1. Boss SD1 Super OverDrive Pedal   Price: £43.50 An old family favourite from Boss! The SD1 is a compact pedal with larger than life overdrive tones, … Continue reading

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Top 5 Studio Monitors For Recording!

Studio Monitors are a necessity in recording studios anywhere within this guide find our top 5 studio monitors for recording, at home or at a studio!   1. Adam Audio T5V Active Monitors   Price: £144 (Single Monitor)   Adam Audio are famed for their monitors containing the revolutionary U ART tweeter, giving musicians the clarity that they need while … Continue reading

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iZotope Announce Nectar Elements Now Available At Inta Audio!

The Elements Bundle has a new addition with Nectar Elements!       The Nectar 2 Production Suite has rapidly become the industry standard in vocal production, second only to Antares Auto Tune! iZotope has announced the new addition to their elements collection, with Nectar Elements! Professionally claim the vocals that you desire in no time at all, Nectar Elements … Continue reading

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PreSonus Announce FaderPort MK 2 and Studio 2|4 Interface

The latest generation of PreSonus much loved technology has finally been revealed!       PreSonus have been known to change the game in the recording industry since its birth. They have further stepped up the technology with the announcement of the FaderPort Mk 2 controller and the Studio 2|4 Audio Interface! The FaderPort Mk 2, a significant step up … Continue reading

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Half Price Garritan Sale Now On!

The range of affordable VSTs just got more affordable for a limited time only!     Garritan, an award winning range of Virtual Instruments have provided our customers with hours of entertainment with their quirky tones and easy to use interface. From now until the 12th July, this ever expanding and affordable range of VSTs have gotten even more affordable! … Continue reading

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Serato DJ Suite 4th July Flash Sale!

Save over 60% on the all in one pack for Serato DJ!     Exciting news for all users of Serato DJ! The Serato DJ Suite which contains everything you need to get started is at a ridiculous promotion price until 16th July! Containing every expansion pack for one convienent price, users will have a significant saving in comparison to … Continue reading

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