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Eris 3.5 – The New Addition to the Best-Selling Line of Presonus Eris Monitors

Eris 3.5 – the new addition to the best-selling line of Presonus Eris Monitors. The PreSonus® Eris® E3.5 two-way active media reference monitor speakers offer exceptional sound quality, ample power and the features you need for gaming and home video production. Eris 3.5 employ much the same technology as the company’s larger Eris-series studio reference monitors to deliver studio-quality sound, … Continue reading

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Eris 3.5 Studio Monitors

Coming Soon – Electro-Harmonix Superego+

Electro-Harmonix Superego+   Polyphonic Synth-Engine/Multi-Effects Pedal   COMING SOON!     Unique, innovative and downright cool – three words that could describe any of  Electro-Harmonix’s pedals! At Inta Audio, we’re big fans of EHX pedals. When a new one comes along, it’s fair to say that we get more than a little excited! The brand new Superego+ is well worth … Continue reading

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CPU Coolers Explained – A guide on how CPU Coolers Work

  A CPU cooler is probably one of the most crucial components on any PC system. Without this, the CPU would overheat and render your PC unusable, and can even cause irreparable damage. This guide will aim to explain the differences in CPU coolers, how they work, and ultimately give you the knowledge to choose the correct one for your … Continue reading

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PROMO – FREE Softube software for owners of selected M-Audio Interfaces!

What’s the promotion? From 3rd October to 31st December, M-Audio are offering a FREE Softube Passive-Active pack to all owners of their “C-Series” Interfaces! Better yet, the deal isn’t restricted to new customers – if you already own one of these fantastic interfaces, you’re equally eligible for the deal! There has never been a better time to buy a new interface – or … Continue reading

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AKAI VIP 3.0 – Now Supporting EastWest Virtual Instruments

  VIP 3.0 is the award-winning software by AKAI, which allows you to run, play and organise just about any VST instrument and effect without a DAW. We’re pleased to announce that the entire catalogue of EastWest plugins will now also be supported for VIP 3.0, allowing you to play full orchestras with unparalleled control over your instruments. Because VIP … Continue reading

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Everything You Need for Music Education – A Buyer’s Guide

Inta Audio’s ‘Buyer’s Guide’ focuses this week on some fantastic exclusive deals on educational software and recommendations for affordable gear – from recording and sequencing programs to notation software for scoring practice; audio interfaces and MIDI keyboards to great priced educational headphones. Read on to discover all that you need to catapult your music lessons from ‘satisfactory’ to ‘outstanding!’     Music Software: Digital Audio Workstation … Continue reading

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RODELink Performer Kit – Wireless Handheld Microphone & Receiver Combo, Coming Soon

The Performer Kit joins the already widely popular Filmmaker and Newsshooter Kits from Rode, and features a high-quality handheld condenser microphone (TX-M2) and a desktop receiver (RX-DESK). The RØDELink range is so intuitive it works straight out the box, with no channel selection necessary. Using a secure Series II 2.4GHz encrypted digital transmission sent on two channels simultaneously, RØDELink automatically … Continue reading

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RODE Performer Kit

Product Spotlight – Alesis SamplePad 4

  The Alesis SamplePad 4 is a high-quality percussion and sample-triggering instrument that gives you all that you need to expand your current acoustic/electric drum or percussion setup.   It features 4 highly-responsive LED-illuminated rubber pads, dual zone trigger input and ten preset kits, along with an on-board library of 25 popular percussion and electronic drum sounds to get you … Continue reading

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Inta Audio’s Top Guitar Pedals of 2017!

Guitar pedals are an absolute staple of every electric guitarist’s diet. There are as many pedals these days as there are guitars and building an impressive collection for your pedalboard is truly addictive! But with so many pedals on the market – all doing and offering different things for your tone – how do you choose which to spend your … Continue reading

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Superior Drummer 3 Virtual Drum Software Out Now

The wait is over! At Inta Audio we are very excited for the release of  Superior Drummer 3 from Toontrack today! Superior Drummer 3 is more than a drum production tool – it’s a virtual studio introducing endless possibilities for you to hone, shape and mold your drums without any thinkable creative restraints. Building on the legacy of its predecessor, … Continue reading

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Toontrack Superior Drummer 3