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iZotope RX 2 Complete Audio Restoration Software (DOWNLOAD)

iZotope RX 2 Complete Audio Restoration Software (DOWNLOAD) iZotope RX 2 Complete Audio Restoration Software (DOWNLOAD)
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  • iZotope RX 2 Complete Audio Restoration Software (DOWNLOAD)
  • iZotope RX 2 Complete Audio Restoration Software (DOWNLOAD)
  • iZotope RX 2 Complete Audio Restoration Software (DOWNLOAD)

iZotope RX 2 Complete Audio Restoration Software (DOWNLOAD)

  • iZotope RX 2 Complete Audio Restoration Software (DOWNLOAD)
  • Complete Standalone program
  • Clean up your tracks
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iZotope RX 2 Complete Audio Restoration Software (DOWNLOAD) - You deserve the best quality when you're recording new tracks and restoring old ones – and iZotope RX™ 2 provides the best quality, featuring next generation technology to fix even the most problematic audio. Imagine a tool with the power to repair clipped audio, quickly remove unwanted background noise, and even remove intermittent sounds like coughs and string squeaks. Feel the power of the Magic Wand, Brush and Lasso tools to visually select and eliminate problem sounds.  Dropped drum sticks and car horns are not something you have to live with anymore. The world isn’t perfect, but with RX 2 you have the chance to get one step closer.

As an audio engineer, post-production professional, broadcaster, podcaster, forensic specialist, archivist or videographer, you deserve the best and RX 2 delivers. Work the way you want to, in a plug-in or in a standalone application, and whether your work is destined for the big screen or your home stereo, RX 2 has all the tools you need. 


Confidently repair, restore and enhance your audio with RX 2!


iZotope RX 2 main features

  • Includes both a standalone application and a suite of plug-ins including Pro Tools 7+ (RTAS/AudioSuite), VST, MAS, Audio Unit and DirectX formats
  • Complete set of audio repair, restoration and enhancement tools  Denoise removes background noise, hiss, buzz, and hum with natural sounding results 
  • Declip rebuilds distorted audio damaged by analog and digital overloads
  • Declick & Decrackle eliminate clicks, crackles, pops and digital impulse noise from vinyl records and digital recordings
  • Spectral Repair isolates and eliminates unwanted sounds visually, allowing you to remove sounds ranging from phone rings to wrong notes to guitar string squeaks
  • Remove Hum identifies and notches out the hum and line noise automatically 
  • Detailed spectrogram display to visualize audio for editing 
  • Intuitive audio selection tools includes Brush, Lasso, and Magic Wand – edit and apply processing by time and frequency 
  • Built-in EQ and Gain with fade types 
  • Precise spectrum analyzer incorporates unique automatic peak finding
  • Batch processing for cleaning lots of files automatically 
  • Session support allow you to undo processing even after restarting

Cutting-edge Processing Algorithms

Leveraging iZotope’s extensive research and development expertise, RX 2 features a complete set of the best tools for repairing audio.  The Denoiser provides natural noise reduction with unparalleled clarity and control.  Using psychoacoustic principles and high frequency resynthesis, the noise suppression takes on a new level of transparency. With methods drawn from the science of image noise reduction and a new hybrid time/frequency Global Smoothing algorithm enhancement, the distracting watery artifacts commonly associated with noise suppressors are inaudible. The Denoiser allows independent control over both the tonal and broadband components of noise, providing ultimate creative control over the color of its output. The end result is cleaner audio in less time.


Visual Editing  

RX has defined a new, intuitive visual editing paradigm allowing you to use both your eyes and ears to identify sonic problems. The unmatched precision of RX’s spectrogram audio display illuminates sounds ranging from subtle distortions, to clicks and pops, to complex interferences like car horns, airplanes, and wrong notes. Once you can see the sound, the Lasso and Brush tools allow you to do freehand selections of the sounds for repair. Going further, the Magic Wand will even automatically identify a sound and its harmonics.

Spectral Repair

For transparently masking problems or filling in gaps, Spectral Repair is at the heart of the visual editing engine in RX. Once a problem sound has been indentified and selected, the Spectral Repair algorithms are able to resynthesize the audio while taking into consideration tonal harmonics, nonlinear pitch changes like vibrato, background noise characteristics, and transient events.  With the power of these tools, you can remove unwanted, interfering sounds ranging from dogs barking to string squeaks and missed notes.


Optimized Workflow

RX was designed from the ground up specifically for audio restoration and repair. Careful thought has gone into every display and keyboard option to enable you to work quickly and reliably. The Compare Settings feature lets you audition multiple settings of the same module and then audition the results side by side. A comprehensive history of session edits lets you undo any edit and compare different processing passes to decide which you prefer. If you’re working with large numbers of files, the new batch processor streamlines your work even further by letting you chain together selected processing modules and process entire folders at once, all while taking advantage of multicore CPUs to speed up the process.


Declick & Decrackle

The Declick module has been simplified and expanded with the newly added Decrackle module, designed to treat continuous background crackle from vinyl and similar sources. The Declick module can automatically suppress clicks and pops as well as similar digital impulse noises, and in some cases, can even be used to remove the annoying beeps introduced by cell phones during recording.


Session Support

Save your editing session when quitting and pick up where you left off the next time the app is started.  The entire state of the program including your selection is saved.  This new feature also works in the event of a computer crash or power outage.  Get back up and running immediately.


Precise Delay and Phase Operations

New Channel Operations module features sub-sample delay and arbitrary phase rotation operations. Both features are crucial when restoring audio which was transferred from tape.


And much more


New in RX 2:

  • Denoiser smoothing and high frequency enhancement for clean, transparent noise suppressionFreehand Selection with new Lasso, Brush and Magic Wand tools to make surgical edits 
  • Enhanced click identification for improved results 
  • Additional Decrackler algorithm to reduce continuous background crackle from vinyl 
  • Streamlined Batch Processing workflow with multicore support 
  • Precise Delay and Phase Operations for tape restoration 
  • Remove Hum now intelligently identifies the hum frequency for quick suppression 
  • Customizable pre-roll and post-roll times for context when previewing edits
  • Several fade types in the Gain module 
  • Session support for power failure recovery and ability to undo even after restarting 
  • Tons of workflow, user interface improvements and optimizations – and much more


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