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iZotope Stutter Edit (DOWNLOAD)

iZotope Stutter Edit (DOWNLOAD) iZotope Stutter Edit (DOWNLOAD)
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  • iZotope Stutter Edit (DOWNLOAD)
  • iZotope Stutter Edit (DOWNLOAD)
  • iZotope Stutter Edit (DOWNLOAD)
  • iZotope Stutter Edit (DOWNLOAD)Play

iZotope Stutter Edit (DOWNLOAD)

  • iZotope Stutter Edit (DOWNLOAD)
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iZotope Stutter Edit (DOWNLOAD)

THIS PRODUCT IS SOLD AS A DOWNLOAD ITEM ONLY. When you purchase this item you will be emailed a download link with your license code within 24 hours. If you order on a weekend it will be Monday.

Stutter Edit® is a playable multi-effect for both performance and the studio designed by BT and developed by iZotope. You can use it in Ableton Live, as well as other plug-in hosts on Mac and PC that support MIDI. Unlike other effects, Stutter Edit gives you a huge amount of control over slicing and stuttering audio in realtime. You can use it to make complex and musical edits that would normally take hours to create in the studio just by playing notes on a controller. It also combines an array of rhythmic and “color” effects, and a Generator section that creates noise sweeps, crashes and more. You can improvise musical stutters, retriggering effects, transitions, and build-ups, letting you make a live remix of a song as you’re playing it during a performance. It’s also an amazing studio tool for processing vocals and other instruments. Because everything is linked to simple “gestures” you can play from a MIDI controller, Stutter Edit is incredibly intuitive and using it feels like playing an instrument, not simply dropping an effect on a mix or track.


*       Stutter Edit samples live audio continuously and lets you manipulate it in unique ways

*       Create completely unique stutter effects - turn pitch into rhythm, and rhythm into pitch

*       Experiment with a huge range of effect sounds by playing keys or pads on a MIDI controller

*       Create complex retriggering, pan and gating edits using instrument tracks and entire songs

*       Improvise live remixes with stutter fills, filter sweeps and build-ups that sound like they were produced in the studio

*       The perfect companion for Ableton Live for laptop performances and DJ sets

*       Use Stutter Edit in the studio on vocals, drums and other instruments to recreate painstaking stutter-editing techniques pioneered by producers like BT

*       Combines 12 tempo-synced rhythmic effects that can be played like an instrument

*       Grid feature automatically corrects your timing when performing effects live

*       Set up your own gestures and custom performance banks with a powerful preset manager

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