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My purchase

I had an excellent experience buying from IntaAudio. The website is very well designed and easy to shop on. The cost is great, I honestly couldn't find better prices; I looked pretty hard. The delivery was very speedy, and the gear was packed very carefully.
I had a technical issue called 'ground loop' which caused a nasty sound from my speakers, and the team were very helpful and sent me, free of charge, some quality cables and a device to fix the issue. All throughout the process they were friendly and honest.
I will be using these people again I am sure. I'd recommend them to anyone.
I think the most important thing to note is that this is a very specific market, with few others offering their services, and yet they are extremely caring for every customer.
Thank you IntaAudio!

J Matthews

KRK RP8 Bundle

This is the best online shopping experience I have had for long time. The prices are shockingly good, the delivery is fast and customer services are not only helpful but friendly, you couldn't ask for more!

Jonathan Ward

Thank you Inta Audio, your truly bloody fantastic

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the Inta Audio Team. I bought the Intel i5 a while ago (June 2010) and despite a problem with the hard drive I have been totally, thoroughly more than impressed (trying not to use expletives to express my joy!!). The system its self is just phenomenal and having loaded my software, projects and tunes onto it I can't believe the difference in operation and sound compared to my previous pc. Its remarkable!!

I would also like to express that over a long period of time I have come to believe that service and quality of product does not matter in the modern world and have come to expect shoddy products and dire service as the norm. Inta Audio have changed this belief and installed the hope that there are people and companies out there who provide outstanding service in all areas.

As mentioned I had a problem with the hard drive not long after purchase and the service has been second to none. I would not hesitate in the slightest to recommend Inta Audio.

Thank you Inta Audio, your truly bloody fantastic :-)

Ian Silver

Extreme I7 PC

Just taken delivery of a new I7 Extreme PC to serve as the DAW engine in my studio. I received honest practical advice with a strong emphasis on customer support. Inta don’t just play lip service to customer service like most retailers, it is the core of their business. This is the second system I have bought from Inta and I am delighted to continue this association dealing with them. Their new Extreme I7 PC with 12gb of RAM is a MONSTER and takes whatever I throw at it, and as the majority of the projects I work on are track heavy and CPU intensive I needed a system that would be reliable and dependable. I was guided through the joys (or is that nightmares) of 64 bit using Windows 7 and working with owner Dave Elliott on solutions to problems was a breeze. My advice to clients requiring recording and computer gear to is to always contact Inta – It's a fairly stress free experience (apart from the credit card bill) If they don’t think you need it – they won’t try to sell it to you. Enough said!! - There is more to music production than a fruit named computer!! Thanks guys. Mike Cambridge Orange Mary Audio

Mike Cambridge

My Experience with Inta Audio

I have been buying music gear for many years and am happy to say that my purchase with Inta Audio has been one of the wisest I've made.

Rarely have I been so impressed by the professionalism and quality of service that a company offers; not only are their prices competitive but the customer service is among the best I have encountered.

I am now the proud owner of a quiet, glitch free PC and soundcard which enables me to concentrate on making music, not trawling forums for solutions to compatibility issues.

Well done Inta, keep up the good work!

Mike Craig

Digital Piano

Excellent service - ordered digital piano yesterday and it was delivered today. The two gentlemen I have spoken to on the telephone have been very helpful indeed. I would recommend this company for efficiency.

Mrs Susan Davies

If Mastercard made audio shops...

Honestly I couldn't have asked for a better customer service experience.

The equipment that I wanted was purchased from another store, nothing to do with price but just the pick of the bunch, and the service the other store provided was the biggest shambles I have ever come across, a complete nightmare.

Luckily for me I managed to cancel the order with the other store and even more luckier to come across inta-audio. The service these guys have provided pre sales and after sales have been beyond description. I’ve purchase a lot of audio equipment over the years this is the best service out of all them and will without a doubt be buying more from them.

A special thanks goes to Dave Elliott. Even when I was having problems getting the equipment to work (not because the equipment was faulty or damaged but due to my laptop) Dave has provided me with extensive support on a number of occasions, which has been a big help.

I know people can be cautious when buying audio equipment especially buying it online but I would recommend inta-audio for its safe and easy transactions, excellent customer service and a store you can trust.

Thanks again guys!

Danny Govan

Highly Recommended

The service from Inta-Audio is shockingly good. They gave me the crazy idea they actually cared! Excellent personal service and aftersales contact to ensure I was happy with my purchase. Highly recommended :-)

Stephen Williams

Intel X5R Pro Music PC & EMU 1212M..... Wicked! lol

I recently purchased an Intel X5R Pro Music PC, with monitor, wireless keyboard & mouse with EMU 1212M Soundcard and all I can say is WOW!

A top PC made by the most helpfull, polite, willing & intelligent group of people I've ever dealt with! No question ever to small or silly they are all just as important.
This company does business the way it should be; customer satisfaction!
Making Tunes has never been so straight forward!! No more messing about with software issues.......
Sound Quality is excellant too.
Highly recommended! Stew

Stewart Robinson

Fantastic After Sales Support!

Unfortunately my first set of speakers were faulty (no fault of IntaAudio obviously!), however my RMA request was dealt with extremely quickly & very professionally. I am very happy with the after sales support given by IntaAudio, both via email & telephone. I would have no problem in advising friends/family of this company, or returning myself the next time I need something in their field of supply. Many Thanks!

Gavin Emerson

Intel Quad Core Music PC

To all the team at Inta Audio

Thanks for the help and support you have given me, I really appreciate it. My experience with Inta Audio has been nothing short of remarkable. I have never in my life known a company to be so customer focused. I have dealt with loads of other music company’s in the past and they have patronised me and made me feel inadequate. This has not been the case with Inta Audio. They demonstrated empathy, understanding and eagerness to help me get the product that was best for (ME) not them.

My studio is running brilliantly thanks to you guys. I can now spend my time recording instead of wasting time fixing software etc. Big thanks to you all again especially Dave Elliot.

Daniel Robinson

Quad Core Rackmount Music PC

An excellent company to deal with, any problems along the way were dealt with slowly, clearly and calmly. I now have a stonkingly powerful system that is quiet and perfectly streamlined to deal with the most demanding of musical projects. In a world of variables such as computer hardware and software, the expertise and knowledge of these guys is indispensable, and will stand you in very good stead indeed

Will Brazier-Smith

Core 2 Duo PC

A few weeks ago I took delivery of my new Core 2 Duo PC and just wanted to say a huge thank-you to all of your team … sorry it has taken me so long to write this e-mail … I’ve been having too much fun with your product !!

I am totally impressed with both the product and the high-quality of customer service I received from you. It was particularly helpful to receive the PC pre-set up with my DAW and drivers for my audio interface. I will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you and your products to others.

Thank-you once again.

Lee Budge

Intel Core 2 Duo Machine

Thanks for all the work you have put in building my new PC - it is working a dream, I can't believe the increase in speed and processing power, I'm hopefully starting an HND in Music Technology in October at Red Tape Studios here in Sheffield and it is so good to be able to have a stable recording platform.

I'm a bit old at 58 to start to learn how to do this properly - in the 60s I was in the Levi Set Blues Band for 2 years with Jeremy Spencer (I went to school with him) who later went on to join Fleetwood Mac; we are still in touch today.

Dennis Tuckerman

AMD 64 Workstation

To everyone @ Inta-Audio.
Computer arrived successfully the next day as promised; Very easy to install and working in no time at all. What a fantastic piece of equipment - I'm very impressed with the quality of the product and the way it was all installed ready-to-go. You guys are amazing. I would thoroughly recommend your services to anyone, and will happily use you again for anything computer / audio related.
Kindest regards

Alan Bally (a very satisfied customer).


I collected my new DAW from you, plugged it in, and was away in no time.

I use primarily softsynths in my music production, and i was absolutely 'gob smacked' to say the least, at how many software vsti's i could run simultaneously.

I've just done a track in Cubase SL3 and Reason 3 Rewired. I got 7 high power draining vsti's in SL3 and 5 midi channels in Reason 3,and the Windows XP Task Manager cpu meter hovered around the 45 - 50% mark ...... incredible!

One thing i feel from you as a company is that you are committed to building high quality, stable machines first, the money seemed incidental, and to me, that is the definition of true customer service!

I'll most certainly be returning to you for future advice and purchases.

Many thanks,and all the best,

Wayne Hemmings.

Edirol PCR-30 keyboard

I would just like to say a big thank you to Dave Elliott and Inta-audio, for the fantastic support I received recently. I purchased an Edirol PCR-30 keyboard from Inta-Audio in June 2003, which recently (May 2005) developed a number of faulty keys. I sent an email to Edirol, who much to my surprise, offered to replace the keyboard, even though it was out of warranty (so
thanks to Edirol too).

Edirol told me to contact you to arrange the replacement. I called and spoke to Dave, who was extremely friendly and did not hesitate in agreeing to help me out, even though it was a non-warranty return and on the face of it, there was no direct financial advantage to Inta-Audio in doing so.

Everything was sorted out quickly and I now have my replacement keyboard. It is unusual in this day and age to receive such fantastic customer support and it deserves to be recognised, so thank you very much once again.

Pete Talbot

AMD 64 Pro Workstation

To all@inta-audio
Great product, fantastic service, faultless attention to detail.....I'm as happy as a monkey in a peanut machine! The PFunk boys will be delighted to record onto your equipment.

Keep the Funk Alive

Alex Campbell (ASC Promotions) ~ Recording Engineer for P-Funk

Mini Workstation Package

Just to say what a pleasure it has been to do business with you. I bought my system over a year ago after being very impressed with the "pre-sales" customer service shown particularly by Dave in answering all my technical "interrogations" before buying. The system has been great - a good and reliable performer and great value for money.

I've only had one problem - an early fault in a power supply - but that was repaired and returned promptly with their usual courtesy. It's great to be able to talk to "real" people who have time for their customers. Superb customer service.
Keep up the good work.

Andrew Flack

AMD 64 Workstation

Dear Inta Audio,
Having recently purchased one of your custom AMD 64 machines, I am absolutely amazed by the processing power your system offers me. Knowing a fair bit about the workings of a PC, I know the components are of the very highest order right down to the acoustic insulation which make it deadly silent even under the most intensive projects.

All in all the most responsive bit of kit I have used. To sum it up, my studio partners G5 Mac hasn't been in use for weeks!!!

Recommend highly to anyone,

Pete Harvey (aka Falconi)

Paul Bassett

If you need an audio pc, then look no further, mine is so fast I'm sure you could send a space station to the moon with it! The staff are friendly and helpful and the aftersales service is second to none. Dave has always found time to help me with my setup problems and has been successful in solving them for me. He even stayed until quarter to 6 helping me out on friday night, you can't ask for more than that! Top service, top product and top people, I can't speak more highly of the intaaudio team.

AMD 64 Workstation

Owner of AMD 64 Workstation Sep 06

My PC arrived on Friday 29 September. I would just like to thank you for all the excellent customer communication and service. I am extremely happy with the pc, it was setup exactly as I wanted, also thanks to the good advice given to get the best set up for my purposes. I was recommended by a fellow bandmate, and I will certainly recommend you to anyone I can!

Best of luck to all at inta-audio.

Rod Minter-Brown

AMD 64 Workstation

AMD 64 Workstation

Paul Berry