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Boss Katana Air Now Available at Inta Audio!

The latest innovation in guitar performance technology has arrived at Inta Audio!






The Katana Air is the highly anticipated wireless guitar amplifier from Boss! Benefitting from its compact size, the Katana Air is perfect for busking and the travelling musician, it’s tones are bigger than it’s size!

The latest wireless technology created by Boss, allows for your performances to become more portable than ever before!

The Katana Air comes with a WL-T transmitter to transfer your guitar signal to the amp without the need for cables, with 12 hours performance time in the transmitter on a single charge, the creative possibilities are endless with this latest innovation in guitar performance technology.

With a Dual recording/stereo output on the Katana Air, this essentially acts as a guitar interface as it allows you to record guitar tracks straight into your DAW of choice!

A perfect companion for the soon to be released Boss WL-20 Wireless Guitar Systems and WL-50 Wireless Pedalboard System, all of these systems contains the revolutionary wireless technology which makes these products one of a kind!

That’s not all, performance is not the only thing the Katana Air is built for! With a built in Bluetooth connection, you can connect your phone can connect to the Katana Air and it becomes a portable speaker!

With a wide range of possibilities contained within its compact size, the Katana Air is not one to miss out on!

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