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Top 5 Microphones For Vocal Recording!

Everyone always wants to record a good, clean vocal take, however 50% of a good vocal take is the microphone that you use.  Here in this guide, we will help you find your perfect microphone to capture your perfect vocal tracks!

1. Aston Origin Condenser Microphone


Price: £249

Aston Microphones are the latest brand to create waves within the music industry!

Used by famous producers and artists such as; Russ Russell and The Darkness, you can be assured of the quality of which the Aston Origin is known for!

The unique design of the condenser capsule makes the Aston Origin easy to maintain.  Each Origin comes with a custom finish, making the Origin one of the most hard working condenser microphones in the industry today!

Available at:


2. Behringer XM8500 Dynamic Microphone


Price: £18.99

Behringer have done it again with their range of affordable studio quality microphones!

The XM8500 Dynamic Microphone is perfect for both live applications and recording applications, with an integrated pop filter and shock mount system, you can be assured that there will be minimal noise when you use this handy microphone!

Available at:


3. Stagg Vintage Style Dynamic Microphone


Price: £52.00

The Stagg range of microphones are one of the most trusted microphones in the industry today!

Encapture the nostalgia of the time where Elvis was top of the charts with this 50’s style microphone. With a cardioid polar pattern, this vintage microphone can pick up every nuance and syllable!

With a strong zinc alloy body, this Vintage Style Dynamic Microphone can survive the rough and tumble of performance life!

Available at:


4. Sennheiser E835


Price: £74.95

The most world reowned brand in the world and for a good reason! Sennheiser deliver quality sound everytime!

This is no exception for the E835 Dynamic Microphone! With excellent feedback rejection and a stainless steel chassis, it is everything you would want in both live and studio applications!

Available at:


5. Rode NT-1A Vocal Pack


Price: £129.00

The ultimate kit for vocalists designed by Rode!

The NT1-A Vocal Pack contains everything a vocalist needs for recording crystal clear vocals are every point!

This kit contains a Shock Mount, Pop Shield and XLR cable! A lightweight condenser microphone ensured to guaranteed every nuance is captured through the condenser capsule. And with a wide dynamic range, everything would be captured!

Available at:

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